Wood Pellets

At MWF we stock and deliver the highest quality wood pellets available, produced by the national manufacturer Verdo Renewables Ltd.

The wood pellets are 6mm and made from virgin fibre only, no waste wood. They are manufactured to the European Quality Standard EN Plus, the highest possible standard.

MWF are Woodsure certified and on the approved Biomass Suppliers List.

Specification details:-

Wood pellets are a very convenient way of handling wood fuel. With low moisture content and high energy value you can pack a lot of fuel into a relatively tight space. For smaller applications we supply bagged pellets in convenient 20 kg bags. These are routinely delivered on pallets by our couriers. Where access is very restricted this provides an effective, workable solution.

The wood pellets are delivered using our rigid blower trucks. This vehicle was specified with delivery to tight spaces in mind, and features rear axle steering for the best manoeuvrability. We can carry up to 14 tonnes of pellets. Whilst we do supply wood pellets to large commercial boilers, our speciality is the domestic market.