North West

With MWF’s expansion into the North West in 2010 with the opening of a depot at Culcheth near Warrington, MWF began its journey to become one of the North West’s leading wood fuel suppliers.  Initially wood fuel suppliers to a handful of Schools in the North West who had wood fuel boilers installed.

Since then, the North West has become a major area for growth for MWF, with the addition of a depot at Stockport and the serving, since 2012, of a major supply contract with Stockport Homes, who have installed, to date, five wood chip boilers with a combined capacity 3.3 MW and an annual demand of over 4,000 tonnes.

MWF continue as wood fuel suppliers to schools in Liverpool, St Helens, Warrington and Northwich in Cheshire.

The most recent new development in the North West has been the starting of a major supply contract to a hospital in Manchester which has a daily requirement of around 20 tonnes.