Wood chip stocks increase at the York depot

wood chip

Wood chip stocks increase

Wood chips being prepared.

As demand for high quality wood chips increases in York and the surrounding areas, MWF is seeing marked growth in business with several new customers taking delivery.

Stocks of round timber seasoning ready for processing have been steadily building up at York and now MWF have substantial stocks of round timber available for processing into wood chip throughout the year.

Seasoning the timber before processing is essential to reduce the moisture content of the wood chips to below 30% moisture content. Depending on the species of timber and location of the drying areas this can take up to 18 months. Wood chip is currently being processed from Larch that has been in stock for 9 months and is now less than 30% moisture content. Wood chip in the storage facility ready for delivery is between 25% and 27%.

All of MWF wood chips  at Stamford Bridge – York is to G30 – W30 specification and is ideally suited to small to medium size boilers. MWF recommend that boiler installers encourage their customers to order wood chip on time and make sure that the wood chip is to the required specification. At MWF rigorous quality control takes place to ensure that particle size and moisture content fall within the current standards set by the industry for all deliveries leaving the York depot,  as a certified Woodsure supplier MWF  it is essential that standards are maintained to provide confidence for customers installing wood chip boilers and claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

MWF are also registered under the Biomass Suppliers List this is in line with the Governments requirements to ensure that all biomass wood chip fuel supplied is from a recognised, sustainably managed source. All end users of wood chip will have to report quarterly to OFGEM on the sustainability of the wood chip fuel that has been used. Boilers over 1 Megawatt (1000KW) will have to provide an independent audit detailing the fuels used over the last year. As a registered Biomass  supplier  MWF meet the sustainability criteria, which means the end user can be confident that the wood chip they are using is compliant with the RHI sustainability requirements.

For more information on the York Depot Wood Chip stocks and delivery schedules please call

Ben Goh on 07811 744 842 or email ben.goh@wood-fuel.co.uk


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