Wood Chip

All of our wood chip fuel is produced from virgin timber sourced direct from woodlands, normally in the form of softwood thinnings; the type of wood that has the lowest commercial value as it is too small to be made into building products. This material is either made into chip board, or as in our case, wood chip boiler fuel. We also process a small amount of sawmill ‘slabwood’, the parts of the log that are removed as residue in the mill.

Our suppliers are forestry contractors, land owners, forest managers and timber merchants. We have more than 50 regular suppliers, right across our area. This ensures adequate supplies to all depots at all times and guaranteed supply of raw material.

Logs are stored outside at the depots for up to a year to allow them to dry naturally such that they can be chipped ready for immediate delivery to the boilers. Wood chip is stored inside barns to keep it dry and clean, ready for dispatch. At any one time, we will have around 3 weeks worth of wood chip stock processed and ready for delivery.

Our wood chip is produced to stringent quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the boilers.

MWF production processes are carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 17225:2014 (Solid Biofuels – Fuel specifications and classes).


We have three means of delivering our wood chip fuel, tailored to customers’ requirements.


MWF is one of the few UK companies capable of blown wood chip delivery. Our blower trucks can pump wood chips up to 19 metres horizontally and 3 metres vertically. The hoses are flexible, so we can even deliver around corners. This method has clear advantages, most importantly, it simplifies the design and reduces the cost of the wood chip stores, when compared to, for example, underground stores. The chip blowers are rigid trucks for ease of access.


For sites with below ground bunkers, or those which utilise fast feed augers, we have rigid tipping vehicles which deliver 30 cubic metres of wood chip at a time.

Large Loads

The largest vehicle in our fleet is a 90 cubic metre ‘walking floor’ articulated trailer. Because it carries the greatest volume, the cost is lower. The method of delivery is popular with our agricultural customers. The trailer can reverse inside a farm building to discharge its wood chip load for the farmer to then load into his hopper(s).