Wood fuel quality is at the heart of everything we do at MWF and is crucial to the effective and efficient operation of your wood fuel boiler.

Woodsure – Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme

We are accredited by Woodsure the industry’s leading  wood fuel quality assurance scheme.  Woodsure certified woodfuel is an assurance to customers that the fuel you are purchasing fulfils the appropriate specification for your equipment and that the supplier has procedures in place to check that the fuel is consistently manufactured to these standards. It helps to guarantee a high standard and reliability in the supply chain.

Woodsure’s stringent quality evaluation regime encompasses every part of our business including timber sourcing, storage, production, distribution and customer relationships.

All our production processes are in accordance with BS EN ISO 17225:2014 (Solid Biofuels – Fuel specifications and classes).

For more details about the Woodsure scheme see Woodsure.

Wood fuel Energy Ratings

All our wood chip is sold as energy in £/MWh rather than in £/tonne or £/m3. Click to watch the 1 minute video.

Many wood fuel suppliers invoice based upon the weight of the chip delivered however this is not necessarily an accurate measure of the materials’ worth as the weight varies with moisture content.  To be completely transparent, and fair to our customers, we accurately measure the actual moisture content and exact weight to calculate the true energy value and invoice this in £/MWh rather than in £/tonne.

Wood fuel quality benefits:

Stock Management

It takes approximately nine to twelve months for green timber to naturally season to around 30% which is required for most boilers.

In 2013 we invested in a new computerised Stock Management System to ensure that the timber we purchase matches our sales volume commitment in the future. This means that we will always have sufficient fuel at the correct specification to match your requirements. As part of this process we offer twelve month, fixed price rolling contracts to give you complete confidence that your fuel will be available at the price agreed throughout the coldest winter.

Fuel Specification

We recently invested in a purpose designed Jenz HEM56 wood chipper to ensure that all our wood chip is produced to the fuel size that our customers require.

British Woodheat Association

We are founder members of the British Woodheat Association and our Company Chairman Robert Bland was the founder Chairman of this group.