Biomass boilers are a vital part of managing energy for any public sector organisations and can provide the most cost effective solutions for reducing carbon emissions associated with heating.

We currently supply a wide range of public sector customers including:

Types of installation include:

How to develop biomass:

We would recommend a three step approach to incorporating biomass as part of your energy mix:

  1. Property Assessment – Biomass isn’t suitable for every property and there are a wide range of factors which can be considered to identify those properties where biomass will give the most effective benefits. We can work with you on desktop and site research to identify these and help to calculate the cost/benefit for installing biomass.
  2. Installation Design – An absolutely vital part of ensuring biomass works effectively is through proper design and specification. We don’t install boilers but do work with all the leading UK installers so can give independent and well qualified advice on the best installers to invite to tender for a particular project. 
    One of the most important aspects which is often overlooked is fuel delivery infrastructure design and this can have a very significant impact of the operations and cost of running a system. Over the life of the boiler, the expenditure on fuel will be many times the expenditure on installation and we can advise fully on this aspect to give the best value-for money.
  3. Fuel Procurement –  Specifying correctly for the fuel and delivery contract is vital to avoid entering into lengthy contracts for fuel which doesn’t work effectively. Our How to Tender guide helps you to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that the fuel supply runs smoothly, even in the coldest winters.