Manchester Block of Flats

MWF were originally contracted to make tipped deliveries of wood chip into a trough at this Manchester block of flats. The trough carried the fuel along with its auger into the wood store.

Residents, staff and MWF delivery personnel highlighted the issue of noise and disturbance created by frequent and regular deliveries by this method.

MWF offered an innovative solution. To bypass the trough and blow the wood chip directly into the wood store. This is a much quicker and quieter method. Fewer deliveries also resulted in less disruption all round.

The housing association team delivered an excellent solution, adapting the wood store with port connections from outside the fuel store.

Manchester Block of Flats Blowing Ports

MWF’s delivery vehicle can now fill the fuel store completely in about 40 minutes without causing disturbance to people in the local area.

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