About MWF

Welcome to Forest Fuels, formerly MWF – the home of the wood fuel market.

MWF has now become part of Forest Fuels, the leading wood fuel supplier with 43 depots – local biomass wood fuel, nationwide. Delivering to Central and Northern England, South, South-West and to Wales, offering:

The use of wood chip and pellet fuel may seem like a brand new concept, but it isn’t. We began supplying wood fuel back in 2004. Since then, we have become one of the largest and most respected suppliers in the UK, winning awards, recognition and respect along the way.

At MWF we are dedicated to the supply of wood fuel – it is not a side line. This means we have no distractions or other influences, and can remain committed and 100% focused on the quality of our products and service.

As one of the UK’s longest established wood chip fuel suppliers, we have the experience and track record to properly understand the vitally important aspects of quality and reliability.

We are based in Telford, Shropshire, but have a network of 14 processing and supply depots covering an area from York and Manchester in the North, down to Gloucester in the South. This gives us unparalleled geographical coverage and minimises the all important distances involved from tree to boiler.

In choosing MWF as your wood fuel supplier, you can be assured that our experience and our commitment to quality products and service means you will never be left out in the cold.