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Forest Fuels formerly MWF have been successful in building a sustainable wood fuel supply by developing an infrastructure that can guarantee the supply of high quality wood chip.

Credible, Professional &

Reliable Wood Fuel Supply

Established 2004

Sectors We Supply


We Supply The Household Sector.

Householders have the choice between pellets and chips. Many large rural houses opt for wood chip systems as the fuel is cheaper. Pellets come into their own where space is limited (pellet boilers are smaller and the fuel more dense) and where the heat demand is relatively low.

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We Supply The Commercial Sector.

The Renewable Heat Incentive for “non-domestic” use of biomass heating has been operational since 2011 and has been instrumental in making the business case for commercial biomass installations compelling.

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Public Sector

We Supply The Public Sector.

Biomass boilers are a vital part of managing energy for any public sector organisations and can provide the most cost effective solutions for reducing carbon emissions associated with heating.

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We Supply the Agricultural Sector.

Biomass presents a very significant opportunity for the agricultural sector and particularly to Horticultural and Poultry growers where heat is an essential part of the process and often provided by expensive oil and LPG where sites are off the gas grid.

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